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Welding Course

GTAW (TIG) – GMAW (MIG/MAG) – Stick welding (BMBE Elektrode lassen) 


Welding courses in English has been the welding school for beginners and professionals since 2003. We provide welding courses in the various welding processes. The courses are given by welders from the professional field. They have years of experience and are involved in welding technology on a daily basis.

You can follow the welding course in the following welding processes:

  • GTAW (Steel, stainless steel or aluminium)
  • GMAW (Steel , stainless steel or aluminium)
  • Stick welding (Steel)

We offer various training options. You can opt for a complete welding course where you take an exam or a tailor-made welding training that is aimed at developing welding skills.

Complete welding course

Statement of practice (only practical exam) or
diploma (theoretical and practical exam)


Depending on your current skills, the courses are given from level 1 to 4.

Tailor made course

Course material based on the skills you want to develop.


No exam.

School locations: 

Welding Course in Nieuwegein

Pascalbaan 1
3439 MP Nieuwegein

Welding course in Harderwijk

Westeinde 100
3844 DR Harderwijk

welding course

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